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Default Should it stay or should it go...

Well having now got my CB900 on the road my attentions turn to JLO my XJR1300, it has been mothballed since November due to lack of funds but i am now looking to get it on the road again.

My quandary is, should i throw some more money at it and build it further or move it on for pastures new. It doesn't need anything doing but i had thought of nylon coated brake lines new paint and bits n bobs.

I have no idea what i would replace it with, i have looked at a busa or a blade, or even a BMW Rockster, ultimately i would like a CB1300 but most are well out of my price range.

I have had the XJR for about 3 years and i do like it but i am getting that 3 year itch, do i scratch or rub cream on it and hope it goes away.
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