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Default No bike for 2 months

Aahhggg... i am starting to really get withdrawal symptoms, i had to pull my XJR13 off the road as i couldnt afford the insurance due to work being quiet. Well work picked up but i have had to put so much cash into replenishing stock rent for the unit blah blah blah and then Xmas that i still cant afford it

I have now plumped to get my old CB900 custom back on the road as it is cheaper to insure, it has been off the road 3 years in jan since i was run off the road and buckled both wheels on a curb, took out the clutch caseing bent the bars trashed the lights . Well she is nearly finnished, just some electrics to do now as i am replaceing the TZR250 switches for Cagiva ones. I have the Custom Chrome head light mounted, the single seat rear end done, the skull rear light mounted the twin cans (courtesy of Blackjack many years ago) fitted.... Ooohhh we are nearly there...

The first run of the year is the Bristol Avon Roadrunners pet food run Jan 13, fingers crossed..
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