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Default Ace Of Sprays, 2007 out on a high... !

Well as some of you may know things were looking pretty bleak a few months ago, there was tumbleweed floating round on the workshop floor and the saloon doors were banging in the wind.

But, then towards November things started picking up and harmony was restored once again.

Recently i had a few nice jobs come in, but they werent with out their challenges so i thought i would share with you my last few weeks of 07.

The first was a Yamaha Royal star flame job, this went pretty smooth but i went with candy flames insted of the usuals solid colour... I am still waiting for some final pics of this job, i forgot to get some once finnished.

Then came an XJR1300 with a skull design, this was a chalange as it was my first free hand airbrush job, i loved every moment of doing it and i think it came out well. The smoke flows all the way down the bike but i'll wait till i get pics of it put together for the full effect, but here are some shots of the tank.

Then came the Bull Dog XJR1300, this job has been in the pipe lines for a while, i designed it for the chap on paper but he just coulnt see how it would work, i eventualy talked him into it and he loves it. Here are some shots of the tank, as with the Skull XJR i will post more pics once the bike is built up.

This job was again quite challenging, i am still relatively new to the arty farty world of bike paint so i am pushing my boundries, which is all in the game plan for the business. However, things like my compressor burning out at 10pm on tuesday nite realy arnt helpfull, then loosing a day trying to borrow another wich also turned out to be faulty.. blah blah blah... this was last week and i had a Friday dead line for this job. Needless to say i didnt make it and it went out last night with a happy customer non the less, but i still need a compressor.

So here are some pics ...

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has supported me in my venture over the years and i look forward to sharing more of my work with you as things progress.

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