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Originally Posted by cherryB
yeah well the reason I dont do clubs is cos I like to do me own thing when I want to do it and with whoever wants to do it at the time, with no time limits, no clocks or watches and nobody telling me what to do, no phones, no nagging, no pressure, - its why I ride - does that make sense

too many rules in this life as it is. I just got a letter - The neighbours are now trying the get the village council to stop us riding our bikes through the village . had a letter this morning, seriously - 'would we mind pushing them through the village high street cos they've received complaints........'

yeah right - how does feck off sound
tell em to feck off. its got nothing to do with the council. if the bikes got tax and test, then its nothing to do with them. you could counter them by threatening to start complaining about bellringing, village cricket matches farmers tractors etc. utter bobbins i know, but if they recieve a complaint, however frivalous then they have to follow it up, its their own rules that make them. you could tie them up in their own red tape by complaining about every hedge trimmer lawn mower and barking dog, and they would have to check them all out. use their own weapons against them.
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