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Default The reason I dont 'DO' HARLEY clubs

Sometimes it makes me blood boil. There's no wonder Harley owners get a bad name and its the reason we dont belong to any clubs.

A mate, who owns a Harley has asked a well known HD club, if he can attend their main Rally event in Oswestry next week, and bring his wife who rides a Kawasaki.

And guess what they said - 'NO' and the reason they gave - 'its the rules' - ya have to be on a Harley or an Indian and the other reason is that the insurance is only for Harley or Indian. Wot a crock of ****e !!! I'm sure Insurance at such events doesnt cover individual bikes or owners possessions. Its only for public liability and to cover the club against any law suits for damages.

And no, this wasnt a Hoggie event but a club who reckon to shun all that Hoggies stand for Hmm pot, kettle and black springing quickly to mind.

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