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Originally Posted by STEViE
I'd love to know why Doherty keeps evadin' a prison sentance when he's blatently guilty as sin. An' how come he's loaded enough to buy his way out of the sh!t ? Does his music sell that well or does he just make money from stories in print ?

He's no more important to the music scene than Jade Goody. I don't think the guy could carry a decent tune if it had a handle.

There's probably a few half-bricks buried in my veg patch you can have Taff, they've got worms n' mud 'n all sorts of crap on 'em.

agreed, the real talent in the libertines was carl Barat and he's doing well on his own with 'Dirty Pretty Things'. Doherty is like that fat cunt kerry cantonana who parades her sh1t house life in all the 'gossip'mags. ooo i've been robbed, oooo i've bit hit, ooo i nearly lost my kids to the social cos i'm and i'm fat.

Celebrities are sh1t ... apart from me an pyro cos we're great
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