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Default TRAILERED BIKES win Bath Show..PMSL!!!

hey folks...

well this is the 100% biker????? forum eh...
well ave jist done an 800 mile roond trip tae the bath n west MOTORcycle show ON MA HARDTAIL CHOP!!! & wot a farce... LAUGHABLE!!!!
best lowrider, best chop, best engineering BEST IN SHOW... AWE TRAILERED IN!!!!!
wots the shows in this country coming to??? when trailered bikes are winning MOTORcycle shows?? even funnier when they feature them in MOTORcycle mags lol... TRAILERED BIKES???? AM A MISSIN SUMIN??? personally masel a think..the judges seem to prefer judging the people rather than the bikes lol... now de get me wrong, there was some f**kin nice bikes at the show, credit where credits due.. but c'mon.. TRAILERED BIKES???
is the no the point of havin a bike 2 RIDE IT????
100% BIKER = DRIVES THEIR BIKE EVERYWHERE.. the only time a bike should be on a trailer is when its F**KED!!!
at least a can call masel a 100% biker n be proud!!!

ITS A MOTORcycle.. get it?
Soooooooo much bull**** gan aboot.... givin MOTORcycling a bad name!!
it was advertised as a bike show!!! no a bike/trailer show..
Judges should be NAMED & SHAMED!!!.. & anybody can build an ornament.. but wots the f**kin point in that???? unless there's a trailer class at bike shows lol!! Maybe its time they introduced a new catagory eh lol trailered bikes, we might even see some nice customised trailers lol... & why no let the public vote???

Any how as a biker...that woz wot the wkend tae me woz all aboot!!!!... dain the miles, they de ken what theyre missin.... best thing aboot it.. f**kin braw run (even in the pissin rain!!!).. prizes u de miss wot u de have!! lol & a got awe the appreciation a needed frae the crowd!! & the folk in the service stations!! lol & thanks to all i met & the friends I made!! u no who u are.. look forward to hooking up wae e on the road.. roll on europe!!!

now ad like tae dae a poll... to see who thinks shows/judges/mags the people who have such an big influence on the bike world...should be named & shamed for allowing this to happen.. but de ken if am dain it right! so help e's oot

if you say ur 100% biker... then f**kin MEAN IT!!
de sit in yer van wae yer bike in the back or on a trailer & call yersel 100% biker!!! .... MOTORcycles are built to be RIDIN!!!

if anybody can justify tae me why a trailered bike can win a MOTORcycle show.... PLEASE LET ME KNOW... A'D LUV TAE HEAR IT!!!


F**K THE BULL****.....

RANT OVER.... lol am away tae clean the road of ma bike!!! lol
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