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Default nuffin said the parrot

The coal man always delivered 1/2 hundred weight of coal to mrs smith every wednesday..... This wednesday he popped his head round the corner and shouted ..

'Mrs Smith coal man got your half hundred weight'

A voice shouted back ton please

'Mrs smith you always have half hundred weight'

A voice shouted back ton please

'Mrs Smith you never have a ton'

A Voice shouted back ton please

The coal man thought oh well and put a ton of coal in her coal bunker....

A couple of hours later the coal man gets a call from Mrs smith ...'Why did you leave a ton of coal when I always have a half hundred weight'.....the coal man explains she told him to and recounted the afternoon..... 'Its ok i know whats happened' Mrs Smith replies

Mrs smith then walks into the living room and goes up to the parrot in the cage........'What have you said to the coal man'

'I said nuffin' the parrot replies

WHAT DID YOU SAY TO THE COAL MAN!!! she asks again

'I said nuffin' says the parrot


'I said nuffin' says the parrot....

Right she says you had your chance and gets two drawing pins ..grabs the parrot and pins him wings out onto the wall...'right you'll stay there until you tell me what you said to the coal man..

The parrots looks around the room and she's jesus on a cross......he shouts over ' how long you been here then....jesus replies 2,000 years...

Fu**in hell how much coal did you order............
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