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Default i think this thread goes here now?

in case anyone was wondering, i can confirm that a front wheel bearing collapse is twice as much fun on a single sided front end!
luckily i was just slowing down to pull into the workshop.
so i've stripped the front end out, and one of the bearings has cracked all the way round the outside circumference! not a thing i've ever seen before.
first i thought it was coz of a bad design by me, but on closer inspection you can see grease and rust on nearly 3/4's of the cracks surface, right up to within a couple of thou of the outer edge, so its obviously been like it for a long while, and i only put them in in may.
almost a severe case of compensation.

flashback to the bearing shop........
"we stock two bearings in that size, 75 or 18."........
(looks in pocket, sees washers and fluff).
"err, two of the 18 ones please".

i'll probably take the bits in next week and try to blag a couple of new ones,
on the other hand, i was due to fit hydraulic steering over the winter, and i've got nearly all the bits i need already.........
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