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I think we should test on humans instead of animals, after all, its for us that the testing is done as such we should pay the price. We should use scum like paedophiles etc though. Am i as bad as a Nazi? Probably. But then so are the people that test on animals, tit for tat i suppose. Yeah, i eat meat, buy from supermarkets, i know that animals are pumped full of drugs to keep us healthy and so we can have bigger joints of meat, i hate fox hunting and yet i dont, i hate cruel farmers but like good ones who look after their animals until they are turned into my Sunday dinner. I hate spineless peices of ****e that torture animals and kill them for pleasure yet i would be just as cruel if i caught them by making them suffer untold pain. I hate to see animals in cages for humans pleasure yet i have to guinea pigs in a hutch, its a 2 story though which they love (as far as i know, im no Dr Doolittle). I hate Eco terrorists, the mink thing etc mad me mad as fuck cause thats cruel to something else along the food line so to speak. I hate terrorists. If someone invaded my country i'd terrorise them until they got out same as if someone broke into my house, messed with my kids, hurt my missus etc etc.
It goes on and on and on. Were all just feckin hypocrites that like to moan about our lot, whatever that may be. I think the only thing the Human race is superior at is moving the goal posts every bloody time we need an excuse or need to justify ourselves, whatever bloody side yer on. The human race is ****.