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Originally Posted by johnr
tease, not that im asking you to answer for his views or actions,, but read your first parragraph, and then these quotes from juke,

I am a memeber of the animal rights group SHAC ( Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty) and we see this **** all the time. Nothing gets done coz the justice system just don't seem to want to help ths,

Opinions and relevant stories please. I will be passing info onto my group and we aim to do something to try and change the justice for abused animals.

now i may be wrong, it wouldnt be the first time, but i read this as we think this is cruel, the law doesnt do anything so we will administer our own justice? am i way off the mark? or or is it the typical very veiled threat of the animal rights extreme? im not targeting you, but i wonder if i am readin those words in a different way to you, or anyone else?, and lets not forget his/her parting comment to, or about me,

well thats ok mate coz i will argue for britain if i believe in my opinion........maybe we should test the medicenes on him and shut him up for a while......bless 'im!!!
We may have both read it in different lights, That is the danger of the written word, it is difficult to read emotion into, or out of it.
Life, it all comes out in the wash, its just a LONG FUCKIN SPIN CYCLE!!!