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Originally Posted by Shep
I'm sure you will.

I once had the pleasure of being on one of your hit lists for the crime of looking after animals that were kept for human consumption.
You are just another bunch of terrorists, and should be hung along with Bin Laden's lot.
I hope your fire bombs blow up in your face.

Have a nice day.

Hi shep, you have got the wrong end of our argument. We do not disagree that drugs should not be tested on animals, but we do disagree with the way it is done. I could show you film footage taken inside HLS by undercover members of our group, and they would turn your guts. We have seen pigs suffer the most undescribable cruelty when the drugs have not had the desired affect, and they are left in pain untill someone can be bothered to give them some sedative to relieve them of the pain. Yes we do know of the story of the 'digging up of the mother' and we did not agree with that, but people feel so strongly about thier beliefs they will go to any lengths to get thier point over. And yes. i do wear leather, take aspirin and eat meat, but i do not agree with letting animals suffer for no apparent reason. That is what SHAC is all about. Lessening the pain and cruelty to animals. We are in no way as bad as Bin Laden, and we do not deal in firebombs.
I would like to say however, it has been really nice to see how many of you have replied to this thread I started. Sorry if my beliefs have pissed some of you off.
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