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something that makes me angry is people.

We are animals at our most base level and it is overlooked time and time again. the main difference between us and our animal counterparts ( to our knowledge) is our ability to experience pleasure and understand why.

Frustrated kids taunting the local dog, get bored, poke dog with stick, catch dog and hang dog. Alternatively harass the local old folk and end up raping someone.

Pikey farmer wannabe, has horse, shackles it up in a small paddock with 3 tonnes of hardcore and neverwashes or brushes it. Horse dies of malnutrition or a disease.

Fishermen in the far east drop flourescent lures into schools of giant squid, the barbs on the lures tear open the throat of the squid causing a visable display of emotions, pain, panic, flight,fight. This in turn creates a frenzy within the school and thwe squid attack one another and cannibalise.

Everyday person goes to work, goes home watches tv. Switches on the news but switches off o the news. Another mediocre individual desencitised to the 'civilised' society we live in. In our bid to be ultra civilised we have actually become more barbaric. by not punishing and confronting our issues we instead compound them and pretend to be sickened and shocked when we learn of the consequences.

Let's be honest folks how many of actually do anything about it? Aside from the acknowledged fanatics amongst us whose visions are somewhat questionable and the carers amongst us who provide sanctuary .... how many of us provide sanctuary and education for the youths, the mp's and the rest of the populace...

I aborr the human race and what it represents, I am actually sad that my daughters will grow up in these detestable times.

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