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If there's one thing that really makes me very angry it's seeing or reading reports about animals being treated cruelly! Normally a 'live and let live' kind of guy I often frighten myself with the thought of what I would like to do with people like that. My particular favourites are dogs, but I love all animals.As stallholders who take their dogs (and cats) to rallies with them will know (including Smudge and Mrs. Smudge and Kenny) I always have a pack of treats in my pocket for any dogs I may meet, and love every minute of the time I get to spend with my own dog ( a border collie/lurcher cross - wickedly intelligent!) and my daughter's boyfriends dog (springer spaniel) that now lives with us as well.
Having spent the first 18 years of my working life as a lab technician working with academic researchers, however, I cannot agree with the views of people like Juke regarding use of animals in research. Whilst I agree that use of animals in any way for testing of cosmetics, domestic chemicals, etc is completely unnecessary and should not happen, when it comes to medical research i know some animal experimentation is vital. Not all treatments and medications can be tested using cell cultures or other non-animal methods. I also know that the vast majority of researchers are also concerned for the welfare of the animals they use and will only test using animals if there is no other way. IMHO the people who hound workers at places like Huntingdon Life Sciences, and steal bodies of relatives of people who farm animals for research purposes are no better than people who treat animals with cruelty, and deserve the same public disdain.
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