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As I said before, I personally agree with testing essential medications on animals in proper labs, not as some you have seen with no movement room and horrid conditions.
I do not agree with cruelty, buying animals and being ignorant of their upkeep needs, not getting medical attention when needed, even so far as to keep an animal lingering well past its time when quality of life is zero, thats pure selfishness.
I wear leather, though do not eat meat, domestic animals raised for meat and products do not bother me, so long as they are treated right in life and slaughtered humanely. I have even been to a Korean dog ranch where they are raised for their meat and it is done the correct and humane way.
I cant stand groups that focus on farmers and ranchers, spout about not wearing leather when the animal is raised for that.
The facts are that medicines need to be tested, people eat meat, wear leather but a dog doesnt need to be ill treated, a cat doesnt need to be hung, a snake doesnt need to be burned.
Life, it all comes out in the wash, its just a LONG FUCKIN SPIN CYCLE!!!