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agree with most comment these people should be given a taste of thier own medicine.As there is no excuse for beating animals
i also sympathise with shep just an ordinary bloke going about his buisness then getting targeted by the hypocrites, at the end of the day how many of the animal rights protesters wear leather, drink milk, eat eggs and fish. and how many take drugs that were tested on animals. i was listening to a program on the radio where they interviewed a guy who had attempted to dig up a relative of someone in the animal industry, he was making a good arguement about not testing drugs on animals but then went on to say he takes aspirin which has been tested on animals,also i believe things like insulin and penecillin were tested on animals,most animal rights protesters would use these drugs if they needed too, so for me im afraid i have no respect for em as they switch sides as soon as they get ill
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