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I lived in Kansas (stationed there) for over 8 years, during that time I started a reptile rescue as there were none withing 200 miles. I personally rescued hundreds of herps from homes that were not only cruel to soem, but many who were ignorant of care.
I am a true dog lover, but have always had a love of reptiles. One case was a guy who had an 8' Columbian boa, when I got her she was covered in mites, in substrate that hadnt been changed in many months and grossly overweight. Animal cruelty isnt only confined to cats and dogs. The problem with herps is that a Python is cute and small when they get it, then by 18 months they are getting on 5' long and can grow to 20' and too heavy for one person to handle, eat a small pig every 2 weeks and need constant care.
After stopping the A$$holes who knowingly hurt animals we also need to educate epople on proper care.
I used to bring my snakes into the kids schools to educate them on the level of care they need to be happy well adjusted animals and to warn them away from ownership unless they are truly committed to it for 20 years.
My daughter wants a tortiose now and I wont get her one, they can live to 100 years and there is no way she would commit one year to its good upkeep.
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