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Default animal cruelty

mornin' must have seen the disgusting pics of the animals tortured in The Sun newspaper on Thursday. I was so fcuking angry at those pics i was nearly sick! These mindless tossers should be hung! Who the fcuk could put a cat in the microwave just cos they got bit by a fcuking flea!!!!!! And how could someone leave a horse's hooves to grow that long? Stealing a puppy from a back garden then hangign it from a tree is just disgusting! Shooting a kitten with a crosbow???? Putting a cat in a sack and beating it to death!!! Tying a 10lb weight to a dog then throwing it in the river is just fcuking unbelievable!!! What made me even more angry was the fact that all the pnishment the wankers who did this got, was a life ban on owning pets and a suspended prison sentence! That ain't fcuking justice is it?
If anyone reading this knows any of these people shamed in the paper, or anyone else who commits this cowardly torture, give details of thier address so I can personaly go round there and beat the living **** out of the bastards!
I am a memeber of the animal rights group SHAC ( Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty) and we see this **** all the time. Nothing gets done coz the justice system just don't seem to want to help thses poor animals.
Even the most hardened biker can't turn a blind eye to this, can they?
I know I am so angry at the lack of justice for these poor animals.

Opinions and relevant stories please. I will be passing info onto my group and we aim to do something to try and change the justice for abused animals.

Have a nice day all ya!
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