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Trikechaos2017 23-08-2017 03:52 PM

Wheels for reliant axle trike
Hi every1 have inheritted my wonderful fathers trike when he sadly passed away this january i know some of the mechanics that need doing but struggling with how to find the right rims for reliant axle on my trike i have measured studs and pcd is 100 but dad had sierra pepper pot wheels on which definatly dont fit at all need new rims and tyres any help would be amazing thanks L&R

Friar Tuck 24-08-2017 04:36 AM

Hi matey! Plenty of peeps here should be able to help you. Can I request that you fill out the user CP up on the left hand side there? As we love to know what new members ride, do for a living etc! Cos we is nosey like that! Thanks

And Welcome to the forum....

Tricky-Dicky 24-08-2017 01:10 PM

If i remember right Reliant s had three stud wheels, to run the Ford wheels they would have required a converter, you should be able to buy or have made conversion plates for almost any wheel.
Condolences on loosing your Father.

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