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tetlee 27-06-2017 07:56 PM

Best laugh for a few days..
At a Shanghai airport an elderly Chinese lady throws a handful of coins at the engine of a plane as she's on the way to board it. Apparently she thought a handful of metal coins in the turbine blades would bring her good luck on the flight....:D :D

Friar Tuck 28-06-2017 05:20 AM

Remind me not to go flying in China. Reminds me of when I used to run my own Courier business in Corby. There used to be a chinese company that imported TV into the UK. Basically, it was a chinese government run business that used it as a front to get foreign cash into China. Also the turnover of Staff was phenominal for a company that was basically just a warehouse! I leave it to your imagination as what these "employees" were really doing. But I suspect they came under the term of "cultural Attaches"! anyway They seemed to trust me for some unkown reason, (or I looked very gullible, I suspect the latter!) they asked me if I knew how to get other items imported into the uk, like pushbikes, leather cases etc, That was ok, and I got quite a few goodies coming in to the UK and established a few outlets for them. Then they asked me if I could cover microlight aircraft. They could bring in quite a few different types and gave me a load of pamphlets on the companies that made them. So I contacted the CAA and got the regs on importing these machines, in the meantime they also asked me to find our about bringing in small aircarft! This was now getting out of my league, some what. especially when they showed me the aircraft they wanted to import, it was a single engined biplane that could take about twent or thirty passengers, mad in China and was one of their most popular internal passenger aircraft they used at the time!!! I again contacted the CAA and got the import regs on this type of aircraft. The regs came back in about four volumes, covering all the specs that these microlights and the biplane had to meet. I handed them over to the chinese and they took one look at the pile of books. and said " Well oyr products will not meet that. We have had a change of plan, we want to buy crashed mercedes and bmw cars and export them to China, can you do this?" I declined at this point! It turned pout that they bought crashed, written off, high end cars shipped them to China, got them repaired (as to their road worthiness I didn't care to ask!) then sold them on in Hong Kong, as good used second cars!

tetlee 28-06-2017 09:47 AM

Great, talk about having a 'Plan B'... start with TV's and end up with Mercs, via Bi planes. Got to hand it to them, very industrious folk those Chinese..:D :D

Friar Tuck 29-06-2017 04:56 AM

They gave me a bottle of Chinese brandy for helping them. It even beat the bottle of Czech spirit for drain cleaner!

Sir Ewok 29-06-2017 11:37 AM

Flew China Air to Thailand once to save a bit of money, never again, rude staff and poor service was just the start. I think I would have been better off in a renovated Wellington bomber.......:eek:

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