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Sanddancer 29-01-2017 12:21 AM

Mega wheel VW swing axles. Jacking aid.
Hi guys.
Bought a vw trike with massive rear wheels & swing axles. Obviously every time you try to jack it up, front end too light, back end too heavy. Wheels slope to around 30* before tyres leave ground. Also, hard to block up, cos jacks are in road, & tyres not flat wid ground when finished. Trike must be moved to 'spread' wheels.
So, came up wid the idea of slide in plates that will bolt onto shocker top arm, & hook under the torsion arm. They're roughly triangular shaped. Fit well around the forging of the arm behind the torsion arm. Use two bolt holes to secure hand tight. When you jack up, either single or both sides, tyres leave floor immediately, & hit the floor again virtually flat.
So it's slid up between the torsion arm & suspension support forging. I welded an old big nut on the rearmost hole on forging side, & thick washer on the front hole on forging side to make a better wear area. The hook part on bottom edge was folded with big bolster chisel in vice. Then welded on, & a big chain link cut & welded round the outside for strength. Perfect.

Friar Tuck 29-01-2017 06:05 AM

Got any Ideas as to make a jack/lift for a ride on mower?

Sanddancer 29-01-2017 11:32 PM

Hi Friar.
I once made a lift for my cuzzins heavy electric w/chair. (Got to be gettin towards 3/8 of a ton). I used a bolt on jack made from one of those windround handled car jacks.(vertical thread, with vertical rotary handle). I worked it out on cardboard the starting angle, so when its 'up' the jack is standing vertical, with a foot across it (in line with mower) keeping it steady. Start with lifesize drawing of machine in air, (jack extended) then draw in opened jack. cut it out, then try it leaning over (going down) to work out what final closed angle of foot is.
I made a locking piece to bolt onto chair so no damage on attachment. You can use this at any side of anything, just make extra bolt on attschments. You could even have an arm that spans the chassis to attach on other side, with mower sitting on the arm.
Best of luck

Friar Tuck 30-01-2017 04:39 AM

I'll give it a go, cheers, mate.

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