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SoloOwners 18-09-2016 12:48 PM

The little red Virago.
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Lots of fun.
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Friar Tuck 19-09-2016 06:43 AM

Are you selling this or just showcasing?

strima 19-09-2016 09:58 AM


Originally Posted by Friar Tuck (Post 661577)
Are you selling this or just showcasing?

Just linking to other forums in his/her/its signature...

Friar Tuck 20-09-2016 06:19 AM

Trouble is, is he spamming or genuine? AS he hasn't filled out the user CP and introduced himself nicely....

SoloOwners 22-09-2016 05:12 AM

That was all the time I had two days ago. And I thought that posting her ladyship was actually a bit of an introduction. IMO, a bike says a lot about a man.

I'm a Yank that just retired (quit) from my job on the 19th, 1.5 Hrs before the end of my shift. Could not take one more step in the direction of the work that I did at this last job for eight miserable years. I came here and a few other places around the globe to see how the other half of the world lives.

Since I've got two Yammies, I've been a member of a US based Star forum for years. I was riding my first chopped 350 Honda Scrambler 47 years ago. I hadn't rode for decades and not that many years ago I bought a classic Honda 250 Custom circa 1983 (or 4) with the original belt drive. They only made one year with the belt. Went from that to the 650, and missed the nimble feel of being able to throw a bike from lane to lane. Bought the Virago, bagged, shielded and chromed it. I might sell the 650 V-star, but I don't know whether I'll ever be without a 250 Virago again. The 650 was lowered both in the front and in the back before I bought it. It's always been a little low for my long legs.

I've got 98% of my very extensive DJ equipment piled up, so I'll have that to take up my time. I've got more LEDs than some national acts. And yes, to be honest, I launched four fully functional forums in only two days of my last vacation, and I'm rather proud of them. That's who I am also. I've actually made a reservation for the enclosed electric Solo three-wheeler from a company out of Vancouver BC... Almost 3K miles from me. They just launched the autocycle on the 9th of this month. It's interesting and it's just FYI, I don't own any stock. So... as far as posting pictures to sell a bike, it really wouldn't do me much good to advertise a bike across the water. But if I do sell any, I'll mention it. It may be interesting to some to see what these things go for over here. Oh, yeah, while I'm thinking of it, I chopped a '65 650 Norton in the day. Loved it. Lady-killer it was.

I read some of the "stolen bike" threads. It's strange, but I've had both of my bikes with covers on them in my yard for years and worked nights for 6 years. I also live in a community made up of half the people living in government housing. Our town (New Castle) has about 23K people and I swear every three weeks there's a fatal shooting, stabbing or hit-n-run.
It could be that the bad guys are too busy stealing, selling and doing crack and heroin to even want to ride a stolen bike.

I thank you for not being instantly reactive. My countrymen (and women) seem to operate on a totally reactive basis instead of a thoughtful pro-active basis these days. Maybe the eight years working for the world's largest retailer have Jaded me. Thanks for the welcome, I've done some lurking and reading this evening, and with your good graces, I'll be back. Spread the love and...
Thanks again from Pennsylvania on the first day of fall.

Friar Tuck 22-09-2016 07:31 AM

Welcome to our forum Solo...

Apologies for the rather curt reply in the first instance but we have recently had a lot of "Newbies" registering and instantly flogging their business without introducing themselves, No disrespects to you but most have been USA based Gar(b)age Door Salesmen, or Injury Lawyers, with the odd (and I do mean odd!) Thai spammers thrown in for good measure!

So we now know you comprehensively!

Be prepared for some heavy mickey taking if you wish to continue with us and give as good as you get! We are a friendly lot, will to give advise, ranging from the ridiculous to the intelligent, that's the advise given not the question asked, mind you! And it's not all about bikes on here we even tell jokes (well Ewok tries!). Harry is is our Tech Expert cos he know everyfink! How that can be interpreted in the USA god knows!

Welcome Chap!

SS2 22-09-2016 12:01 PM

Welcome Solo. Them little 250 Virago's go alright do they? Keep looking at them with a view to getting the wife back on two wheels (she wants to go back to summat lightweight after 3 years off). I've often thought they'd be ideal but as it would have to do service as my winter commuter I'm not too sure. Idon't want to be struggling with hills and such.

SoloOwners 26-09-2016 11:18 AM

I do take this out on the interstate, but it being 340lbs. it tends to get blown about slightly if there's strong crosswinds. That in itself makes an all-day run @ 75mph on the 4/6/8 lanes a workout and a tiring day at the end. The low torque and high RPM she's made for walks up the hills OK. I'm seriously considering selling the 650 and having this as my only two-wheeler for a few years. I love how nimble it is. I can get out of spots that I can't with the bigger bike. But of course, the bigger bike's got a tad more acceleration than the Virago, so there's your trade-off. But it's only got a small bit more at low speed and doesn't really walk away from the Virago until upper mid to high end. My recommendation would be to find a way to test ride one. I've rode both this and the Honda Rebel and this beats the snot out of the Rebel in the first five seconds of the first round. Bottom line, because of the low torque and the natural build of being able to keep it wound tight in 5th 24/7 365, the bike will do pretty well on hills. It uses the 18 horses God gave it to the very maximum efficiency. You may have to down shift to 4th on the more hairy beasts, but it'll do very well. I haven't done it yet, but I'd have no problem going on runs with the big Yammie cruisers and HDs and keeping up with them unless they got absolutely nuts. One thought... They're obviously not for serious 2-up. I'm 6'1" 190lb. and I sit back so my tailbone is resting just on the front edge of the passenger pillion. Besides asking just too much of the thing with 2 people on it, it's just too cramped for anything but giving someone an emergency lift. I'm in an entirely comfortable cruising position with just me though, even with the foot controls still stock.

SS2 26-09-2016 12:23 PM

Cheers for that. from another Newcastle across the pond.

SoloOwners 22-10-2016 02:19 PM

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I figured I'd post a pic of my 650 V-star Custom with the big bags.

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I've taken the big bags off and put on some small hard shells this past week.
I'll post a pic of them this coming week when the rain finally stops.

Friar Tuck 23-10-2016 05:56 AM

Rain? I thought America was the land of the Sunshine States?

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