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Lima5298 12-08-2016 05:54 AM

Total Newbie
Hi folks. Totally new to this scene but I have a friend who owns a trike and became interested as a result. Just here to see if it's for me really. Looking forward to the chat and immersing myself in the forum.

Friar Tuck 13-08-2016 05:29 AM

Welcome to the forum Lima. You will find many a like minded Triker on here, and will be will to advise you on what and what not to buy. Maybe even come with you to help buy one, depending on where you live of course. Which leads me onto asking you to fill out the user CP up on the left hand side and tell us a bit more about yourself, like what bikes you ride, male or female, rich or poor, how much you earn....etc! cos we are nosey like that.....

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