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funkypunk 13-05-2010 09:19 PM

Im crazy but i like it!!
Hi everyone!! Im new to the forums and got a bit lost so posted this in the trike section (doh) Im a female and i love bikes and trikes, rock music, bands, rallys and talking to people (i dont stop) Im slightly crazy and random things seem to happen to me all the time that make people laugh!! I currently have a relient 850 trike and i need to do some work to it, its becoming addictive and im buying bits and drawing pictures and know how i want it to look but dont have alot of knowledge about trikes so may be asking questions in forums. Anyway ill stop rambling on now and just say HELLO! :thumbsu:

grumpy1 14-05-2010 08:27 PM

welcome to the best forum on the net. :thumbsu:

harry 14-05-2010 08:40 PM

Hi Funky welcome :thumbsu:

John Hopkins 14-05-2010 09:14 PM

welcome to the forum.


v8_trike 16-05-2010 07:40 PM

Hello & welcome.


wirral chopper 20-05-2010 06:48 PM

welcome you sound nuts :thumbsu::thumbsu:

The Beer Monsters 20-05-2010 06:56 PM


Originally Posted by wirral chopper (Post 588702)
welcome you sound nuts :thumbsu::thumbsu:

Coming from someone that lives in the Wirral, that's a compliment, surely? :whistle:

Nik 26-05-2010 02:57 PM

Welcome to the madhouse! :)

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