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perkin2000 01-03-2010 12:50 AM

Hello there!
Thought I'd better introduce myself.

I've loved bikes since I was old enough to look at 'em. I think they all have their merits, but ones that have been customised have a charm all of their own and are most reflective of owners passion.

The first time I ever rode one, back in '93, at 18 years old, I had what I can only describe as an epiphany. It was a 500 trike over a vast expanse of private land. I probably didn't go much over 40mph but the sensation of freedom and ... I dunno, freedom probably is THE word that best describes it?.. It actually bought tears to my eyes. Soon after I had some fun on a beautiful (ever so slightly 'tweaked') Triumph Daytona 500 and then purchased a (ahem) CZ125, which turned out to be a somewhat tractor-like, but fun. Until it got nicked.

After some years of internal debate, I've finally decided to buy another bike. Only, this time, as a grown-up with responsibillities, I'm doing it legally. So it's the arduous process of CBT, 125, and so on. My primary choices are the Honda Shadow 125 or Suzuki Intruder 125. (If anyone can make any suggestions, I'd be VERY greatful!) Whatever I end up with, I intend on making it as 'dirty' as possible during my (hopefully brief) period of legally enforced, L-plate pugatory.

Aside from all the above, I'm heavily into reading, horror films (I've made a few award-winning shorts which is at complete odds with my peaceable outlook on life) drinking heavily, Monster Munch, rock/blues music and making new friends. As well as typing overly indulgent self-introductions on new forums... (Sorry!!!!:) )

Anyway, good to meet you all, and I'm sorry for the somewhat epic first post.


v8_trike 01-03-2010 05:18 AM

Hello & welcome :)

sounds like you will fit in fine in here!!

Beano 01-03-2010 01:27 PM

Welcome ! :D....your gonna like it here.

Grav 02-03-2010 06:52 PM

Welcome to the forum, Perkin.

I know a bit about the Suzuki 125 Intruder as I bought one for the wife a while ago. It's a joy to ride, economical on the petrol and nippy enough to get you in bother. Forward controls means you get a comfy ride and a cool breeze up your trouser leg on those hot sunny afternoons. :D

There's not many about though as the 125 Marauder was a bigger seller, but they still crop up on ebay from time to time for around a grand.

What route to a full licence are you taking? If you are going to ride a restricted bike for 2 years then the intruder is worth it, if you're doing Direct Access then get a 125 that you don't mind dropping cos trust me, you will.

Grav 02-03-2010 06:55 PM

Forgot to add...

Don't buy a cheap chinese bike cos they are shit.

matthewmosse 02-03-2010 08:01 PM

I'd second what Grav said re chineese bikes, wife had a hong dou 250, totally unreliable electrically, bearings in wheels collapsed at 2500km and the swing arm would have been an mot fail for the play in the bearings if the bike had lasted long enough to mot it. The importer unsurprisingly evaporated before he could be sued.
On the 125 front, I'd also recommend the honda 125 rebel, runs like clockwork, pulls surprisingly well - up to 70 so up to the real world riding standards and gets there fairly quick, downside, is I like mine a lot so I'll be stockpiling spares for it. Fuel economy good too.
If you prefer fixing engines to riding you might like to conider a 2 stroke, my kh blows pistons to hell in no time but is an addictive bike, when it's atually running that is............
Oh yeah, welcome to the forum.

perkin2000 03-03-2010 11:16 AM

Ta very much.
Thanks for the welcome and the advice.:thumbsu:

There is a number of 125 options bikewise but both of the above sound good to me. And your comments confirm my fears about the cheap Chinese imports. I've read quite a few reviews and comments online. Obviously the low prices appeal, but I don't really want stuff falling off or seizing-up at 50mph. Although I do have a friend who swears by the Hyosung (korean) 125's and 250's...

As for licence type, not sure yet, but I can handle a 30HP limit for two years if I have to. As long as I'm back on two wheels soon, I'll be happy.

Cheers again everyone. *raises glass*

Grav 03-03-2010 08:40 PM

Hyosung do build surprisingly good bikes.

matthewmosse 04-03-2010 01:26 PM

I think that many of the 'new' brands comming in may actually be in part or wholly reasonably well desighned and put together bikes, the trouble is that the numbers are still small in this country so it's gonna take some time for good manufacturers to be known from the bad ones, few folk really want to be worse off by taking the leap of faith and buying suspect stuff or advising others to buy crap just to see if it's ok. A lot of the far eastern inports are built round tried and tested engine desighns from the big 4 jap contenders, a quick web search shows for instance that Honda twin engines are now being built in China by Wiyan(sp?) - look at Dave silvers, I think they sell the spares or did. These engines are sold to all kinds of idiots building appallingly bad machines around them. There might well be a route to building a quite cheap custom by buying such a bike and trowing the shite out - starting with the frames and most of the electical equipment, plus wheels - but then why bother? far more use from the older jap producers.............

John Hopkins 04-03-2010 01:38 PM

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Advice on 125...about a grand....

Don't bother, it's not as if you have never ridden a bike or are frightened of them, you don't say where you are living but you should be able to get a direct access course near you.

Direct access allows you to bypass the 125 stage, take lessons and a test on the trainers bike, then buy any bike you want,...If you are thinking of buying a 125 just to learn and take the test on you have to pay a fortune for the bike, another for the insurance, then more for any lessons and tests, then repairs and maintenance, some on tax and mot. You can cut that down by going to a decent direct access course.

If however you are going to be riding for many years on a 125, go the way the others suggested.


kajir 06-03-2010 07:05 AM

welcome from devon

my advice...if yer gunna be a coupla yrs on a tiddler get an old jap one and chop it . then you got reliability and looks, and cheap insurance an spares

(didi i mention, if my 19 yr old daughter don't pull her finger out in the next coupla months and do well at college there'll be a bobbed 125 virago looking for a new home. i'm building it for her- IF she get's "A" graded, but atm she cant even get out of bed and get there....grrrr)

Nik 11-03-2010 09:34 AM

Hello, welcome to the forum - don't leave any custard lying around will you? Grav seems nice at first, but he's a vicious little bugger if he gets a whiff of custard. ;)


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