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*Ace* 28-03-2009 01:58 PM

Bugger.. !
The Thunderace didnt sell on Egay, loads of watchers, 1000 people looked and one bid from Pakistan that i deleted straight off, not sure what to do with it now, it is a lovely bike but just not for me. I have offered it to a few people that want to swap bikes but no takers.
The missus is still using it till the Speedtona is sorted, hopefully next week or so, after that i think i will moth ball it till some thing comes up.

I quite fancy a new project, XJR CB13 Speed triple/ Daytona, Blackbird fireblade, some thing to wave my magic wand over and create another master piece.

Any ideas, know any one who wants it, wants to do a deal, let me know.



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