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pagan_flame 26-09-2006 08:24 PM

REVIEW: Tried and Tested (once!) - Airoh TR1 helmet
Posted for all those who wanted to know about the TR1...


So - finally got one that fits me today, an afternoon off and decent riding weather! So - from the top then;

The Airoh TR1 is a lid that can be a full or open face as your mood takes you - out of the box it comes as a full face, no helmet bag included but I have a few of those spare... remove the chin piece and it becomes an open face.

Removal and refitting of the chin piece takes around 10 seconds when you have your head round it - slide two plastic locking latches to the open position and pull it out from the main lid. If you just want to keep it as a full face, it comes with two plastic triangles that clip over the locking mechanisms. Chin piece does however have vents that do not close, so wet weather protection may not be so good... :rolleyes:

However, you do have to take the helmet off to do this - you can't just flip it out of the way like a Roof Boxer. Additionally, the chin piece is quite sizeable and won't fit comfortably in your jacket. It's very solid so will give some element of protection in an accident, but of course you aren't going to get the same level of impact protection as you would with a full face - life is full of such trade-offs.

Chin strap fastening - has a plastic ratchet mechanism, which slides shut easily and releases much more readily than the seat-belt style catch on my flip-front - how long this plastic ratchet lasts remains to be seen, but you could make it last longer by opening the retaining catch when fastening it if you were that way inclined.

Inside the lid - fits very comfortably and is much lighter than my Devel flip-front, even with the chin piece attached. Also has a removable liner in the top of the lid which is washable. It has two closeable vents in the top, which when open and with the chin piece removed give you excellent air circulation around your head - but of course this is much noisier than a full face - very much what you'd expect really!

Close the vents, put the chin piece on and the visor down and it all gets much quieter - good fit and seal between the visor and chin piece. However, riding at speed and / or with some open pipes for any distance would require a set of earplugs to prevent ringing in the ears at journey's end - but then I have permanent tinnitus already and am more aware of such things due to not wanting my hearing to be damaged further.

The TR1 I have is matt black - and had (past tense) a whopping great fugly 'Airoh' sticker at the front - which peeled off very easily without leaving any marks with just a fingernail to move it; It would take you maybe a minute or two to remove all of them for a completely unbranded legal matt black lid (the E mark is on the strap now, don't forget).

Main visor is clear and attached with an allen bolt and aluminium end cap thingys - does a good job of protecting the upper face and is correctly E marked... additionally has a flip down internal sun visor, this is placed fine to wear glasses underneath and is moved up or down as required by a lever on the left side of the helmet, a two finger operation with gloves on once you get used to where it is.

Now when combining all three - clear visor, chin piece and sun visor - you get a very visually annoying gap of around 2" between the bottom of the sun visor and the top of the chin piece, maybe I'm just used to the Visionary black visor with my Devel that goes all the way down the inside of the clear visor.

Also you can't have the clear visor just one click up - the bottom of the visor is then directly across your eyes. Sun visor itself comes in black but you can get other colours - coped very well with low autumn sun directly in my face.

GOOD STUFF: Definitely looks the part, light and very comfortable to wear, a versatile lid at a bargain price - cheapest I got was at www.clubpromoto.co.uk, 106 HERE . Internal sun visor works well, chin piece is robust, easy to clip in and out; chin strap fastening mechanism the best I have ever found for ease of use.


#1 top of the list - SIZING. Initially I ordered a Small / 56 size, the size I have worn from year dot - it wouldn't even go on my head. A call to Clubpromoto revealed that 50% of the TR1's they sell come back as too small - that is the only lid they will do returns on, seems to be a problem with the importer. They swapped mine for an additional 5 shipping (cost me another fiver to send it back), and I ordered a Large this time - which fits perfectly.

Moral: try one on before you buy it, or be very careful when opening one ordered online at your usual size as you will most likely be sending it back! 2 sizes up from your usual size seems to be right, which means that if your usual size is XL then you may be screwed for buying one... :(

Remainder - chin piece too big to carry in your jacket or pocket - that's the price you pay for the protection of something substantial I guess... the annoying gap at the bottom of the sun visor...

Stuff that's bad but not unexpected! - noisy at speed when fully 'open'... questionable accident and wet weather protection from the chin piece.

FINAL WORDS: Very Very recommended as a half price version of the Roof Boxer --- if you get one that fits... :D

krammer 27-09-2006 03:14 PM


Peirre 27-09-2006 04:01 PM

sounds similar to the Carberg J1+
but at least the Carberg`s chin vents close

pagan_flame 27-09-2006 10:02 PM


Originally Posted by krammer

Like I said, I already have permanent tinnitus.

When I was 14, I thought sticking your head in the bass bins at Motorhead gigs was a good plan...

... Monsters of Rock 1984, held on the Saturday - after spending all day in front of the speaker stacks my ears were still ringing on the Thursday night... :eek:

You only get one set of ears... if I go deaf, there's no fixing it.

devon-tony 29-09-2006 01:48 PM

had one of these for months now, used everyday and to be honest only using it as I havent got anything else to use!!

noisy isnt the word, its horrid

fitment sizing etc is well quirky, its tight going onto my head but loose once on.

the felt "seal" round the visor fell off in the first lot of heavy rain it was used in, the removable front now has excessive movement in it, maening you cant get the gap twixt it and visor closed to thats a pain

opening and closing the visor on mine has undone the bolts that secure the visor and the little round plates many times, mine were taken out and loctited back in

as soon as I can afford a new one this is going to be hung in the garden with some flowers in it

alfredalfred 28-05-2016 08:12 AM

opening and closing the visor on mine has undone the bolts that secure the visor and the little round plates many times, mine were taken out and loctited back?????

strima 28-05-2016 09:12 AM

Holy thread necro Batman...

mascot 14-10-2016 10:27 AM

Appreciate you sharing, great post. Much thanks again. Really Cool.

HOS 14-10-2016 02:29 PM

Thanks for the review, it made interestng reading.
I've got a plain gloss black Roof Boxer and its a dinosaur of a lid, but I still like it.
That TR1 looks lightyears ahead of this.

SS2 14-10-2016 08:51 PM

They're really not HOS. They're basically a cheap plasticky moped lid. I bought one to go to Faro a while back cos I liked the idea of full face protection on the fast roads and open face freedom on the back roads. Noisy as hell to the point where it's virtually unwearable without earplugs and the chin guard is just a bit of moulded plastic that will deffo snap off at the slightest impact. I wouldn't recommend one.

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