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Astroid 21-08-2006 08:47 AM

what u think updated pics
just brought a vw trike project needs a lot of work but there again not paid a lot of cash for it so thought i'd post a pic let you all have look.
i think its got protental want turn into 2/3 seater but been told may need wheelie bars as they like to lift of the ground a lot.

well what u think ????

minxy 21-08-2006 08:56 AM

Get wheelie bars! Feck all weight on the front.

Definitely got potential. Peculiar frame!

Astroid 21-08-2006 08:59 AM

yeah i know pick it up with one hand and no effort....

pyro 21-08-2006 10:02 AM

Instead of air try mercury in your front tyre..... :)

Astroid 21-08-2006 11:41 AM

hers some more photo's http://i90.photobucket.com/albums/k2...3/DSCF0046.jpg

dont know much about vw so steep learning curve coming up let alone first trike i've ever had all i know is its a air cooled but plan to have on road for next spring i'll post more pic as i mod it and let you see how it turns out.
anyone with any idea's on how to make it 2 seater with full harness in rear + needing storage space for large tent ect... would be gratefull
thanks in advance...

John Hopkins 23-08-2006 11:37 AM

vw trike
Never built a trike, don't know what I am talking about, but that hasn't stopped me yet so here goes.
Hope you didnt spend much because, as it is with you sitting in the back every time you open the throttle the front wheel will fight to stay on the ground, add a double seat and it will turn summersaults, put a tent and stuff on the back and it will be a two wheeler, put another big engine in the frame to hold down the front and the power to weight ratio will slow it down to tractor speeds. Now all you trike builders can shoot me down.. :) John

rob 23-08-2006 12:20 PM

cut it in half just in front of the torsion bars, add about 18" to 2' in, so the back of your dual seat is a little bit forward of the back of the seat now, (if you see what i mean...), would help, slinging a lorry battery between the lower frame rails cant hurt, either.
lots of room for camping gear below the goose-neck.

rob 23-08-2006 12:23 PM

very 1970's, innit, just crying out for lots of maltese crosses and a course metalflake paint-job! :D

hermann 23-08-2006 12:29 PM

Whats the seating position like? Looks like you'd be leaning forward quite a way to reach those bars and with where I would guess the pegs would go ou'd end p in a bit of a penknife type position

Puppydawg 23-08-2006 02:05 PM

Probably a daft idea but couldn't you make a rack in the front of the frame, when loaded for a rally would make the front end heavy, when not going to a rally put a battery in there as suggested earlier !

chazz 23-08-2006 02:09 PM

dont know much about frame engineering but them bends on the gooseneck look dodgy

Puppydawg 23-08-2006 02:15 PM

Just looked at the pictures again, wouldn't it be possible to take the tank away, cut the upper part of the frame off and lower it enough to move the riders seat forward, you'd obviously still have to brace the top end but should be able to from beneath the seat, you should still have enough room under the riders seat to put a tank in which would add weight to the front end and moving the seat should give you a better position for the dual seat on the back.
Go on then someone who really knows what they're talking about rip the **** out of all that now :D

Astroid 23-08-2006 03:06 PM

well i've got to move the tank it's in a really bad postion and the fact unless your arms are 6foot long very uncomfortable, as for the double seat i've decided to make it a two seater so i can have more room for other stuff. only paid 450-00 for it so dont mind spending a bit cash to get it finished right, but the lack ov weight in the front is probley the biggest concern.

does anyone know what the biggest type of wheels would fit on the hubs without having to change the hubs.?

pyro 23-08-2006 03:23 PM

450?? engine and gearbox are worth (if it runs ok) T2???

rob 23-08-2006 03:32 PM


Originally Posted by Astroid
does anyone know what the biggest type of wheels would fit on the hubs without having to change the hubs.?

you can fit pretty much any wheels you like, just spin up a pair of adaptor plates. i did fit merc wheels to a camper once, so i know the studs line up for them.....
reworking the top of the frame wouldn't cost that much.

Astroid 23-08-2006 03:50 PM

thanks for info on wheels rob, i thinks it a t1 single port but not 100% will no more once i get it back as it's over the old owners yard at the mo i just need to clear some space so i can get it back then i'll no more i.e. engine type ect. it was running a couple of months ago untill the bits were striped of it needs small things like ht leads and battery.

never owned or worked on a beatle or a vw come to think of it, so dont know alot about them. but have found that parts r cheap :) so at least that's something good for a change... :)

pyro 23-08-2006 04:10 PM

That dont look like a single port to me. Looks like a T2 camper 1600 to me.

Reliantman 23-08-2006 05:01 PM

I seem to remember a firm from Cornwall made frames like that. Can't remember the name but there was a write-up in BSH about them many years back. That goose neck was a sort of trade mark for them.
You could try loading the front frame with some plate, tastefully done of course.

Astroid 23-08-2006 05:56 PM

it's a 1300 pyro so i just asumed it's single port

Astroid 30-09-2006 08:47 AM

well trike is now back it's a 1300 t1 twin port pyro.

since i've got it back i now completely striped it down and removed every thing from the front of the torsion bar and replaced it. was'nt going to go to that extreme but found as i was removing some of the frame work that some of the tubeing had been butt welded together ( not good) so decided to remove the lot and start again. took a couple of pics today so you can see how its getting on also had to replace the headstock as found a crack in it after removing the paint.
the tank and seat r only there as a mockup to give me an idea of how everything is going to fit. i think it looks a lot better now...

baldybongo 30-09-2006 09:47 AM

Thats better

Yoda 30-09-2006 10:07 AM

yep much better
I like that


martindodger 30-09-2006 05:58 PM

Sorry, but i think the original design was much better looks like the rest of em now. KEYWORD.......Original.

Astroid 30-09-2006 07:44 PM

the origanl look may ov been ok if you were 7 foot tall just so you could reach the bars and the tank would ov done someserious damage if in an crash, then the tubing had'nt been welded properly so would of prob fell apart on the first trip. but will look a lot better when the rest of the metal work is done and the storage units put in.

johnr 30-09-2006 08:24 PM

it hiddeous, i hope it was cheap!!!! is it registered? as a trike? if not as a trike, then you still have the car log book? exhaust will be torn off the first time you snap the throttle open. wheelie bars are a necessity on a veedub trike like that, simply cos without them when you open the throttle and the front pops up, first thing you will hear is the exhaust being chewed up, and if the exhaust isnt there to protect the engine, the first part of that to touch down is the bottom of the crank cases where the oil pump lives, and the cover of the oil pump is only pressed steel, so it dont take too much abuse to leave a trail of 20/50 in the road!!!
if you like it, then fine, its your trike!! what motor is it though, theyre all pretty gutless, and you should expect low 20's mpg!!

johnr 30-09-2006 08:26 PM

ohhh, now then, my pc wouldnt show me your second lot of pics, now ive closed the window and re opened it, yes, thats a lot better, frame looks shedloads better, and its in danger of probably handling a bit now!!!!!!

yer going to need a bigger tank than that though, cos them veedubs can sup petrol, unless you like stopping at every single petrol station you see!!!!!

Astroid 30-09-2006 09:17 PM

yeah the sportster tank only there as mock up will prob be fitting a 4.5 mustang tank or maybe lager depending on cash flow at time.

fobonarex 01-10-2006 02:10 AM

cracking job so far,i think thats 450 well spent,good luck with the rest of the build.

Yoda 01-10-2006 08:37 AM


Originally Posted by Astroid
yeah the sportster tank only there as mock up will prob be fitting a 4.5 mustang tank or maybe lager depending on cash flow at time.

7 gallon fatbobs from J W Motorcycles

martindodger 01-10-2006 09:11 AM

Storage units ? thats what comes with kitchens. Better off with an estate car :)

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