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BigHairyApe 19-10-2012 01:01 PM

Hi from Dave in Staffordshire
Hi, i just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Dave and i live in Cannock, Staffordshire. I've been a reader/subscriber of 100% Biker for a few years now, but this is the first time i've renewed my subscription online and discovered the forum.

I'm of middle age and married with no kids and currently running an almost stock Honda Shadow 750 spirit which i use to commute to work with almost every day with a view to adding a Harley Wideglide in the future for the summer months.

I'm ashamed to admit it, but although i've been riding almost 20 years i know relatively little about motorcycle engines and transmissions and will probably be asking someones advice at some point. I have no affiliations to any club.

I don't normally have this much time on my hands, but at the moment i am at home with a broken leg recovering from an RTA i had 6 weeks ago (everybody say ahhh) :)

John Hopkins 19-10-2012 03:45 PM

welcome to the forum..

Please fill in the User CP up there on the left because a few posts down the line nobody will remember where you are from..

So did you smash the Shadow?


stufb 19-10-2012 04:04 PM

hi and wellcome

Friar Tuck 20-10-2012 05:43 AM

Greetins frum naarfuck!

I know nuffink about engines as well! I'm good at taking things apart, it's putting 'em back together I come unstuck!

BigHairyApe 20-10-2012 04:41 PM

Hi from Dave in Staffordshire
Hi and thanks everyone for the welcome.

In answer to your question John. No thankfully my bike came off relatively lightly. I got sideswiped at about 20mph and my left leg took most of the impact breaking both bones just above the ankle. My bike just had a bent gear shifter and footpeg; cracked sprocket cover casing; crackedd battery cover; and a few other little shiny bits. she's all mended and back in the garage again now.

I didn't know my leg was busted at the time (adrenalin?) and i managed to kick the gear shift (with my good leg) straight enough for me to use it with my busted leg and i rode it the two miles or so back home before the pain started to kick in. I suspected it was broken when i was walking my bike back into the garage and i could feel it crunching. Getting my left boot off was fun before my wife took me to A&E. They're new boots and no way were they cutting them off.:)

Friar Tuck 21-10-2012 06:27 AM


Originally Posted by BigHairyApe (Post 634799)

..... I suspected it was broken when i was walking my bike back into the garage and i could feel it crunching........


Eeeuuuwwww! TMI! *feints*

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