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pagan_flame 03-08-2007 09:23 AM

Anti-vehicular curse...
I am cursed. I've managed to afflict 3 vehicles and an entire theme park in the space of 5 days. :eek:

Saturday - had a disco gig with the Paras on an Army base - all went well until the end at 3am when I finished, and switched the lights on to be able to see to pack up - they wanted the lights off. So after a short argument I gave in to them and started to pack up in the dark (done that at plenty of rallies) but no they Wouldn't Let It Lie and carried on harassing me until I told them all to either kick off or f^ck off - they did the latter, surprisingly.

Marvelling at my good fortune to escape unscathed, I was not best pleased to find, in the light of morning, that one of her Majesty's elite fighting men had instead put a 5 foot gouge down the side of my van. B0l0x.

After unloading the van on Sunday I went out for a therapeutic ride on the wife's Speed Triple - it hadn't had a run out for a while and I fancied a thrash to cheer me up a bit.

So while hacking around the country lanes there it was - big patch of gravel just at the entrance to the bend (not at the edge, where I was looking for it where they have been surface dressing with the gravel for the last month round here) - front wheel slid, then gripped and took me straight on to the grass verge where I managed to lay it down before hitting the tree in front of me... :rolleyes:

Bars bent, mirror broken on one side - crash bungs took care of the rest. Started first go when I pulled it upright, rode it home just fine - have already got bars and new mirrors to go on at a later date. Only a lightly bruised knee --- where it clipped the bl**dy crash bung when I slid off it! Aches less than my ears from when I got home and the wife found out...

B0l0x #2.

So as wife is currently between jobs (redundant with fat payoff!) we went off to the coast on Monday in the 'school car (Corsa). 'Electronics' warning light comes on and stays on - and also a HUGE stone takes the screen out on the way home (10" crack).

Put it into the garage for diagnostics on Wednesday - they are too busy so can't get to it 'til Thursday - so I get the screen replaced in the meantime, and then leave it at the garage in the evening.

Now we are due to be away at Alton Towers for a couple of days, so we take the wife's MR2 turbo instead... which gets there OK! In one piece, nothing breaks.

Call to garage reveals that the Corsa has a split turbo intake hose - still waiting on the part ATM.

B0l0x #3.

However, as we get around the rides at Alton Towers the queues grow longer - but WE have priority passes to use to queue jump (as we are staying at the hotel). We get to the front of the queue for Oblivion (vertical drop) ride when - the power goes off. All over the park. For hours.

So we head out and back to the hotel, watching the harassed staff getting punters down off roller coasters... and just as we are getting the monorail back to the hotel, the power comes back on again.

B0l0x #4. :mad:

Am slightly apprehensive this morning about what's going to break next... am DJing the Junction rock night tonight, so if the decks / amps / speakers blow out then I know I'm in trouble! :rolleyes:

Kylie 03-08-2007 09:29 AM

Please tell me you're not going to the siobhanathon....

Jus1 03-08-2007 09:30 AM

dont come anywhere near us ... Cursed one !!!

:eek: :p


did Alton towers last saturday ... was ok .. full day queing - got on 5 rides with one stop for beers and butties (suprisingly affordable) - need two days there ...

tell ya .. Oblivion took my breath away.. thats never happened before!!! I must be getting old ... or that joint was WAY stonger than I anticipated :D

noisygit 03-08-2007 09:31 AM

Bloody hell I aint never getting in a plane with you ;)
Hope your luck changes for the better and soon :)
As for that surface dressing with gravel I noticed a few weeks back on a ride through Suffolk that they seem to be doing that a hell of a lot. I'm going to contact MAG to see if anything can be done about it or where we stand if we do come off as that stuff is bloody dangerous. I ran onto it at around 60mph on a GSX1400,I reckon I was dead lucky to manage to slow it down and stay upright as there were no warning signs about the stuff at all!

Dougie 03-08-2007 03:32 PM

Paras hate everyone 'cept other paras,and they ain't that keen on THEM!NEVER trust anyone who jumps out of a perfectly serviceable aircraft............ :rolleyes: :D

pagan_flame 03-08-2007 04:40 PM


Originally Posted by Kylie
Please tell me you're not going to the siobhanathon....

Indeed I am not. Too many other commitments already booked up... gotta get my guest DJ stuff together now for rock night @ Junction in Cambridge. :cool:

gothtec 03-08-2007 04:53 PM


Originally Posted by pagan_flame
We get to the front of the queue for Oblivion (vertical drop) ride when - the power goes off.

Only ride I go on at Alton Towers, after that I just get bored!!!

Went there the other week with mi parents, jumped all the queues because mi mum is in a wheelchair (and we got in cheap!). Climbed that climbing rock in less than 30 seconds, first time I've done that climbing thing...Good day out...

Sorry to hear about your vehicular troubles, maybe its all behind you for the next few years...

trikerdrew 04-08-2007 03:32 AM

The cause of curse is......

They make gay paras even more unreasonable :D

They eat hoses.

They deposit gravel.

The dirty,dirty 'lil basdords

Keep you chin up


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