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Conversation Between Beano and Glyn aka Kingo
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  1. Glyn aka Kingo
    28-10-2010 07:48 PM
    Glyn aka Kingo
    Hi Beano,
    My details are below, could you please send a note with your donationwith your user name and forum, for my records.
    Many thanks.
    Glyn aka KINGO xx

    You can either send cash or a Cheque made out to The RBL Poppy Appeal.

    My addy is below.

    Glyn Griffiths,
    6 Cae Bitffald,
    Tre'r Ddol,
    SY20 8QE
  2. Beano
    04-08-2009 04:07 PM
    Hi Kingo
    I am sorry if I upset you...
    I am dissabled myself and have had 12 operations....pacemakers...knee...face...etc waiting for the next as we speak..
    I just feel that being born in the wrong body is not a choice. Just my opinion.
    A friend of mine changed....she is still my friend but it was a shock. And to look at her you could not tell the difference.
    I dont think the forum is a place for such a discussion as we all have strong views and it just becomes a slanging match.
    Once again I in no way ment to upset you
    Kathy aka Beano

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