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12-01-2017, 02:43 AM
Hey guys,

I have a feeling i am going to get butchered on here but here goes and i am hopping for the best. I need to start with the fact i am terrible when it comes to mechanics but i would love a little heads up before i go to the garage.

I have been riding bikes for many years and at the moment i own 2. 1 is something that i got at a great price online for a XR 250 at this link: http://www.used.forsale/canada you should check it out. And a 125cc automatic scooter. The problem is with my scooter. I use the scooter to get around town for small day top day journeys. Recently (this is the bit where i might get butchered) the bike has started acting real annoying. When i am riding along at 10-50 Kph, it's like there is power then no power, power then no power so on so on or feels like i keep pulling back the throttle and releasing it instantly, if that makes sense. But when i open the throttle up it rides normal with no problems that i can notice, smooth and comfortable.

I'm hoping you guys can help me out. The last time i took my bike to the garage they had me big time!! this time some advice off you guys and a couple garages later, all should be good.


Friar Tuck
12-01-2017, 06:12 AM
Like I said before mate, fill out the user CP and everyone will be more predisposed to help you out. No User CP usually means that the person newly registered with us is abut to drop a pile of spam on us, and we don't like that, not one little bit! So be a good fella and fill it out?

12-01-2017, 06:48 AM
LOL my bad. I can happily say no spam is coming your way and i will sort out the CP. Thanks for being a good fella yourself and letting me know...

12-01-2017, 01:56 PM
Could be a fuel issue, possibly a blocked jet, try blasting some cleaner through the carb.

Also check your spark plug for fouling and the gap is correct.

Sir Ewok
12-01-2017, 03:29 PM
Could be a fuel issue, possibly a blocked jet, try blasting some cleaner through the carb.

Also check your spark plug for fouling and the gap is correct.

Would agree, if the pilot jet is dodgy, you will get fuel/no fuel at low speeds but once you get going the main jet kicks in and away you go. Always look for the easiest/cheapest answer first.

Does your fuel cap have a breather hole? on older bikes the breather would suck dirt and water into the breather hole and this would mimic fuel starvation as you were building a vacuum in the tank. I'm not so hot on them new-fangled machines but I know a little about older stuff.....:o

13-01-2017, 04:03 AM
Thanks guys it's good to have an idea and it sounds reassuring that you both think it could be the jets. By what you guys have written and what i am experiencing this sounds like the problem. And no i haven't got a breather whole in the petrol cap, it's fully sealed. I am going to ask a friend if he knows how to have a look first, if not i will pop down to the local scooter garage and get it in.

And very true! "Always look for the easiest/cheapest answer first"

Thanks again guys

Friar Tuck
14-01-2017, 06:33 AM
And do yourself a favour, dump the Scooter and get a real bike. We understand them better! and living in Canada I'd thought you would know better, surely?

16-01-2017, 09:17 AM
I do have a real back ha ha the scooter is for getting me around town and my XR 250 is for me to have some real fun on!! but that is more of a weekend bike. I do appreciate to help guys!! It is in the garage as we speak and they are doing some tests.... answers soon guys!

Friar Tuck
17-01-2017, 05:59 AM
Now if you said an XR750....

24-01-2017, 07:35 AM
No experience with scooters mate. Get a bike, scooters are now old age thing.:D