View Full Version : Knee down riding on a Harley with ape hangers

25-10-2016, 09:17 AM
Canyon riding on a Harley.
Got to love this guy getting his arse off the seat and knee down.
Love it ! Pissed meself whe he nearly low sided, but he held it.:cool:


Sir Ewok
25-10-2016, 01:58 PM
Not quite the tractors people make them out to be.... He rides like the guy on the low rider who showed us the way over the mountains from Santander.....:eek:

25-10-2016, 11:23 PM
Aint what you got, its how you use it. :cool:

Reminds me of a time I was cruising my first Hayabusa at subsonic speeds down the Fosse Way one sunday afternoon.
I came upon some road works with temporary traffic lights. I could see a bike stopped at the red light and staright away I saw "prospect" bottom rocker.
So I kept back a bit, I had nothing to prove and he did, so best let him be.
As we pulled off he gunned his sporster and yeah it flew. But nothing compares to the likes of the Hayabusa and ZZR14. I had been making progress and the hog was holding me up. So within a mile I slipped past him quickly and quietly.
To be fair there was no competition, not only is the Busa fast, I wasnt exactly slow at the time.

But the prospect wasnt havvin it and did his level best to keep up.
No disrespect to him on a Sporster v a 200mph bike straight out the crate.

But life is a funny old thing aint it? ;)

Because about 20 miles futher on and the low fuel light comes on the dash. So I think oh f*** Ive got to fill up and I'm ahead.. In about another 5 miles there's a petrol station on my right so I pull off the Fosse and pull up to the pump.

Takes my lid off and starts filling up ...... as I'm watching the dials go round on the pump I can hear the high revs of the Harley and the prospect appears and comes winging it past like a man possessed with the thritte wide open.
Whether he saw me filling up I dont know.

But there was the irony....... the Busa would drop to 17 mpg when I really hung the throttle and with me not being a small chap either it drank hard.

Friar Tuck
26-10-2016, 04:51 AM
Okay! Who found themselves leaning over in their armchairs as the bikes went around the bends?. Hmm?