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28-02-2016, 12:06 PM
Well here we are yet another forum joined - mind you it's normally 4 wheel forums to keep me rod on the road - but two wheels always been first choice for me and the other half. Been biking since my teens and here we are "quite a few years later" and still get the same buzz now as then - although age has slowed me down a tad (so has bloody arthritis but hey ho!) So what's in the shed at our place?
Currently running Trumpet Adventurer lowrider and a home built 650 single cafe racer. Hinkley Bonneville chop now nearing completition after a couple of years!
The other half also runs a couple of chops, a dinky little GS500 and a 600 Bandit (currently for sale if any shorter peeps are interested cos she's only 5'1")
I'll post some pics of the rides when I get sorted
So Ride afe - stay upright and maybe I'll see ya a ta rally or two


Friar Tuck
29-02-2016, 06:52 AM
Greetski vrom Lincolngrad! Dah!

We is all looking forward to looking at the photos!