View Full Version : Not new, but like to introduce myself

20-12-2015, 05:21 PM
Hi, I am Thomas from Germany. Been loyal to BSH from 1992 until end of last year, now subscribed to 100%Biker. I own a Yam 750 chop and a GPZ 900. Both bikes 30 years old and have more than 100k kilometers on the clock. Thanks to global warming, I am still riding around and it feels like spring before christmas.
Cheers to you all, and a merry christmas!

Friar Tuck
21-12-2015, 06:10 AM
Welcome in! Nice spread of choice of bikes there. How about filling in the user CP up on the left hand side and tell us a bit more about yourself. It gives us nosey ones an insight of your lifestyle!

22-12-2015, 09:03 PM
Nice couple of bikes, I prefer the weekend one! Welcome from Fife.:)