View Full Version : Starting my next Special - Frame and engine mods needed

26-04-2015, 09:15 AM
Hi All

I know it been a while :). After riding me special for the last 9 years (feck has it been that long) I've finally got my finger out, sold my XS11 and I've started to build my next project, leaning towards a trike

As usual I'm using what I have lying around the garage, I have a engine and gearbox that will need a adaptor plate and I need some frame - pipe bending done.

As I'm still up here in Sunny Buxton (and it is sunny today, will take a picture to prove it) I'm looking for someone local-ish

Any one know of a engineering workshop Cheshire / Derbyshire area? Once I get the engine and gearbox sorted, that will dictate the direction of the frame.

Take is Easy

Irish Paul