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26-06-2014, 05:39 AM
Hi I'm Mith from near Lancaster. I've been a fan of bikes for 30 years but fell for the parental pressure thing about bikes being dangerous then acquired a family so never really got the chance to get me two wheels.I was politicised after reading in BSH about the Battle of the Beanfield and other attacks on bikers and their rights, and the miners strike had an effect too. Safe to say I'm rather left wing:). What it has left me with is a willingness to fight for the rights of minorities ( including ofc bikers), and now I've rediscovered my love of bikes I'm off to get me a MAG membership.

I'm going back to driving instructing soon (I hope) and fully intend to get the Direct Access as soon as poss, so please don't hate on me too much :thumbsu:.

Two questions guys and guyettes, what sort of bike (mid-range cruiser) would you you recommend for a noob like myself. I guess around 4K would be the top end of my budget.

The second thing is possibly more complex, when I get back to instructing I want to emphasise to my pupils about bike awareness and was wondering about getting an experienced rider to take pupils out on pillion, as a means of showing them how aware of bikes they would have to be.What would be the legal requirements and would any of you wonderful peeps consider doing it.

Friar Tuck
27-06-2014, 03:04 AM
Greetins Frum Naarfuck!

There be a fair few questions there! Highly commendable of you to emphasise to your pupils to be aware of bikers! The idea of getting them to ride pillion is a novel and great approach to learning to drive/ride. I haven't heard of that idea before, and I think it's a very sound one! Good luck. I'm sure there are some peeps on here tht live near you would be able to help you out.

Also, do you intend to become a Motorcycle Training instructor or just a driving instructor. I wasn't quit clear on your intentions? As to what bike you would like is a matter of your own personal choice really. Do you like sports bikes or cruisers, or tourers. or off-roaders? Do you want to build your own custom? Or do you want/fancy a trike? The list is endless.

For 4k you can get a decent mid range bike of say 600cc, like a Suzuki Bandit or a decent cruiser type. There are peeps here that are better qualified to advise you on that subject really.

If you have a strange sense of humour you'll fit right in here, matey!

27-06-2014, 04:39 AM
Thanks for your answers Tuck, I'll clarify for you, looked back at my questions and realised they were as clear as a muddy pond ;).

Yeah for the moment I'll just be a driving instructor, when I've got some two wheel miles under my ever increasing belt I'll look at going on to bike instructing.

As for the sort of bike I'd like, well my dream has always been something swedish (hmm, that sounds very dodgy;)) you know front wheel in the next county type thing, but I understand the handling on them is "interesting" so maybe something a bit less extreme to learn on, I have a fondness for Japanese four pots but my engineering skills are limited so I may end up buying a chop from the smalls and doing some work from there.

Friar Tuck
28-06-2014, 07:03 AM
The world's your oyster, matey! But I would suggest starting on a more standard cruiser type first to get used to the way of riding and the handling. Swedish chops need a bit more consideration when jumping aboard one of those babies! And if it's hard tail (which most Swedish chops are) be prepared to use a lot of Preparation H, is all I can say! Personally I ride a Yamaha Fazer 600, one of the last Mk1 versions. (Comfortable to ride and cheap insurance. And quick enough for me Occifer!)

28-06-2014, 05:50 PM
Well, I do have a well padded behind :p, so I'm ok about a hardtail, most of the hardtails I see seem to have a decent spring under the saddle but I'll certainly remember your advice:D.

Weird thing happened the other day, I'm a Taxi Driver at the moment ( yeah I know, I'm feeling the hate) and picked up a fare who proceeded to tell me first about his 300bhp Vauxhall Sigma:doh: then about his CBR600 that when he took it to Devils Bridge would do over 160mph. This BS merchant made sure I had the longest 15 min drive ever. He also reckoned that the cops had caught him doing 90 in a 30 zone and merely given him a producer.; Gods help us all and get this numpty off the roads :).

28-06-2014, 08:28 PM
Well, I do have a well padded behind :p, so I'm ok about a hardtail,

Depends how far you want to ride!

01-07-2014, 11:02 PM
For 4k you have a lot of choice. You said "cruiser" so you could be looking at a number of Japanese "wannabee"s but actually there's no reason not to get an actual Harley - you see older Evo Sportsters for a lot less than that in various conditions ranging from dodgy (a LOT less than 4k) to decent (still under 4K if you shop around).

In 2003 HD gave the XL a new frame with rubber mounts for the engine, to smooth out the vibes. This is a mixed blessing - yea, on long runs it helps with fatigue, but it also makes you feel that bit more isolated from the machine, which for riding pleasure is not so good (I hope we don't get a load of pervy responses here w.r.t. vibes ...!). What it does do, though, is drive the price of pre-'03 bikes down, which gives you the result alluded to in the paragraph above!

Why would you get an HD instead of a Jap wannabe? Because the old-wives-tales about Harleys being unreliable and no performing are just plain wrong when it comes to Evos - sure, there were some issues in the 1970's with the early AMF bikes, and since then bikes that have been heavily tinkered with suffer as a consequence of the ease with which HDs can be worked on - folks who don't know their stuff start piddling around with the motor and then when you subsequently buy it second hand you suffer with problems not created at the factory but in some ignorant fuckers garden shed! I know from personal experience (with my 1991 XL883 hack), matched against that of a close friend (with his 199? Suzuki LS650) that an Evo sporty can be a lot more reliable than a similar Jap bike! Nothing against Savages, they have lots of potentially good points, depending on what you want, but I just make the point that the myth of Harleys being unreliable compared to Jap bikes is just that - a myth.

An Evo sporty is a sound bet, so if that's the kind of bike you fancy go get one quick!

Re. the driving instruction and pillion rides - all good stuff, go for it buddy! If I was close by I'd offer to help, although I've no idea what the legal / paperwork stuff would amount to, but anyway if you can make it work then do it!

22-07-2014, 09:09 PM
So... if you look at the 'Down the Pub ' section you will see we are having a Forum members Get together... these have been done before, but not for a while, so all you new members wont be out of place...
Anyone fancy taking the plunge... joining in, having a beer and a laugh with like minded real people...???:thumbsu: