View Full Version : Funking theory test centers!

10-05-2011, 05:12 PM
Went to do my bike theory test today. as all going well, I was on the last hazard perception video of the test when the fucking power went off. Cue buildings fire alarm sounding so we were made to wait outside untill the fire brigade cam and confirmed there wasnt a fire.:mad:

Been given a phone number and an incident number to ring to re-book. So I rang the number when I got home to be told I couldn't re-book as the test centers power was off:bang:

What fucking planet are these departments on when they have a system that relies on I.T yet they don't have a fucking UPS:bang:
You couldn't make this shit up!
Not only do I have to re-sit the fucking test, which we all know is a load of wank anyway. But to do so means taking more time off work. Being self-employed means not working=not paid

Bet I won't get another date for at least a fortnight. Fucking idiots!